Childless Shame

INFERTILITY continues to be a brand of shame for women in Kibera.

For decades, childbearing has been used as an indicator of the “good” woman. In most of the African cultures, all the childbearing responsibilities lay solely with the woman. Children are used as a sign of a successful marriage and also wealth. Thus being infertile for women has led to loneliness and suffering; emotional and sometimes physical!

Although the World Bank reports a drop in fertility in Kenyan women over the last 37 years, from 8 children per woman to four children per woman, the stigma linked to infertility is still a big issue.

Without children, many women suffering from infertility consider their lives meaningless. Jane Auma a resident in Kibera, Nairobi has been married for close to 7 years without a child. She shares her experience with us 

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