Dance, Academics, and Art: Safe guarding Kibera’s young

By: Marjorie Okwar

Children and the youth are considered the most vulnerable age group in any given society, more in Kibera. If not given much-needed attention, they easily fall prey to factors that may cause them to derail from their dreams and ambitions. These may include dropping out of school, use of drugs, engaging in crime and teen pregnancy.

To counter such vices, is Wale Wale Kenya, a youth center based in Jamhuri Kibra, which has come to the rescue of our teens by giving them free space to fully explore their talents and be creative in the best way they can, during their free time.
Key focus is given to dance, academics, and arts. It is purely youth-oriented as youths are given the opportunity to manage activities by themselves, thus acquiring leadership skills in return.


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