Preventing Cervical Cancer made easier

By Sumaya Noor

Cervical cancer kills at least 8 women every day in Kenya alone.

The second worst cancer win the world, cervical cancer is caused by  HPV, a viral infection that is caused by human papilloma virus.

Every year in Kenya ,there are 4,802 new cervical cancer cases, among these only 2,351 women survive. The pap smear test is used to diagnose cervical cancer in Kenya and if one is found to be positive there is less that can be done compared to when one does a HPV test.

Pathologist Lancet Kenya has a new device to collect virginal sample for HPV test called the Evelyn brush. With this device women are able to collect virginal sample for HPV test in the comfort of their home and  reduce the risk of getting cervical cancer by detecting the HPV earlier before it develops to cervical cancer.

HPV can be detected a week after infection using molecular diagnostic. Like any other virus HPV clear on its on. The body takes 6-18 months to clear the virus. Persistent infection of HPV causes cervical cancer  within 5-10 years.

Watch the device  explained:


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